Academy Info

Are you getting all the equipping you desire at your local church? Are you isolated in a rural area of your country and only have you tube/facebook to learn more about the deeper things of God you so desperately long for? Or are you tired of feeling like you are not living out what Jesus paid for and in a season of frustration? Do you want to be launched into a more specific ministry? Do you feel alone and no one understands your questions/desires in the body of Christ? Kingdom Life Academy just may be worth considering, praying about, and jumping into the deep waters by signing up for the next available week.

Kingdom Life Academy is for anyone looking to be all they can be in Christ. It is for those who are hungry for it all, and desire a more hands on and personal training school/academy. We will help activate, equip and walk with you into your God given destiny with lifetime follow up and accessibility to leaders.

What makes this school unique? 4 Main Reasons:
1: An academy that is specific to you and what Holy Spirit is teaching and guiding you in. We will empower you to make it clear what this Christian kingdom life is really about (Romans 14:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:23), and how you can have the greatest influence possible in your family, workplace, ministry, and in the marketplaces of the world no matter where you live and where you are in your walk with the Lord. Lifetime believers and brand new believers hungry for all that God has for them are welcome to attend.

2: This academy fills a void to provide a smaller group (minimum of 2 students & no more than 5) setting with the goal of 40-50 hours of Actual training time including but not limited to: teaching (classroom setting), activation, marketplace prayer/ministry, individual prayer and prophesy, unique and effective learning methods, healing the sick made easy modules, why and how the real Gospel will affect every area of your life etc. Holy Spirit is in-charge of this Academy, so we will be wanting to go in any direction that each individual class will have a need for as He knows best what you need. Nothing is super scripted and regimented. We will have an agenda and guideline (starting on time and communicate appropriately), but we will follow where He leads in the school which will make for a wonderfully personalized experience for all who attend Kingdom Life Academy!

3: The scope of teaching and equipping revolves around Jesus. Specifically, the backdrop of the four living creatures from Ezekiel 1:4-15 as they reflect the character of Christ and how we also have in us what He paid to give us by Grace. Each Gospel represents a side of Jesus (and therefore us) worth exploring and gaining a greater perspective on. The ox-Mark, the eagle-John, the man-Luke, and the Lion-Matthew. We will teach extensively and as a backdrop to the Academy from here as a springboard to the life and character of Christ. We will see how if certain aspects of Jesus are ignored or cheapened, then the others will suffer. Come find out yourself by attending the Academy.

4: Attending this Academy will be a life-changing springboard into the next chapter of your amazing journey with your Father God. The experience and connection to the other students and instructors will be forever embedded into your life and we will forever be connected. Come and be part of something unique and special that will change the destiny and direction of your earthly/heavenly purpose!

The Academy tuition includes all meals/snacks either at my house or out to eat, sleeping accommodations with either a private or semi-private room for yourself/you and your spouse, luxury pick up transportation from the MSP airport to my house (if you fly in), and transportation back to the airport for your flight out, several free books, and other KLA branded products. We will also be teaching on healthy eating/exercise modules if we have a group that more than half of the students desire at no extra charge. The founder has extensive training/experience (National Academy of Sports Medicine, B.A.S. in Teaching/coaching, Former College and professional hockey player) and can model/design a program for those interested during the Academy. The tuition to attend the 5 day Academy is $500 per person and a discounted married couple rate of $900. A non refundable deposit of 1/2 is required to hold a spot as the slots will fill up rapidly for each Academy session. Full payment is due 2 weeks before the first day of class. A check written to: Kingdom Life Academy or paypal donate button on the home page are your options. Keep in mind this is a very individualized Academy with 2-5 students attending per class, so this is an incredible value. This covers the cost of the food provided, lodging here at our house, and transport to and from the MSP airport (if you are flying). We encourage the students to sow a financial seed (which is the portion that is legally tax deductable as Kingdom Life Academy is recognized as a non-profit faith based entity by the Federal government) commensurate with the perceived value and blessing we have sown into your life during the Academy. This is a free will offering and between you and the Lord. We appreciate your willingness to sow back into the kingdom of God through KL Academy.
All flight costs/driving to the school is the responsibility of the student. The students must arrive and depart in the window of time specified by the calendar information specific to your academy time slot. Typically you will arrive Sunday late afternoon/eve and depart Friday afternoon which gives us 4 full days and 2 half days of the Academy. Email me @: if you have further questions and or which week you want to book.
See you at the Academy!

Check what weeks are still open by shooting me a message or look on our academy calender and sign up today as spots will fill up rapidly.