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In the few years that I have known Brad Pinner, I have discovered that he not only has a genuine passion for God but a sincere desire to see the body come into their true identity in Christ. Like the apostle Paul who once identified himself as a “Pharisee of Pharisees" later to be known as one who championed identity through grace, so Brad Approaches the message of the cross! His ministry is full on; wrapped in the love and grace of Christ and eager to share that which he has found Mike F

Good morning, brother Brad - had to share with you that I had not mentioned an anxiety that I have been having that wakes me at 4:30/5 every morning with every worry about my children racing through my mind. It did not occur to me to mention it on our call, but since you prayed, I have been sleeping peacefully, waking by alarm. And I have been speaking truth over myself and the weight on my heart has lifted. Wanted to share with you. The cramping has been almost nothing and the bleeding is going to go completely because I was healed the first time, and I will not believe otherwise. The Lord does not retract His love Yolanda D.

Thank you so much Dear Brother Brad Penner for sharing your heart and revelations! Everytime I've seen one of your teaching videos, I've been repeatedly intensely touched by Holy Spirit- I wind up laughing and crying simultaniously (Holy laughter its been called)! I've watched each of your videos at least 4 times, and I get more revelations EACH TIME! Its really amazing to me how aligned I am with you, surely more than any other teacher from whom I've learned (and there are many). I'm excited for how Holy Spirit will continue to pour into and through your life and ministry. Peace and Grace be yours in abundance, Lisa S- from Holland

I have know Brad Penner eight years or more but seems likes life-time. He has been a true friend and brother that exemplifies the love of God and a burning desire to see people of God walk in their God given purpose and destiny through understanding their identify in Christ. Through his teaching and passion for God, he has made tremendous impact in my life in many ways! Rev. Earl Clark - Grace Restoration Ministries

Brad Penner has one of the best revelations on strengthening and encouraging the saints through understanding their identity in Christ, and getting a revelation on who we are in Christ today. He's been a blessing to my life and many people I've worked with in the past, I've had him preach at my conferences, And he's always been a great blessing. Reverend Anthony Hulsebus, Dominion Ministries International

For months I had been looking for someone to help the sister of a friend, who lives in Minnesota. Recently she has been struggling so it was on my heart to find someone close that could be there in person to pray, since I live in Virginia. The other day I was watching a Pete Cabrera Jr live video and afterwards received a friend request from Brad, and noticed he was from Minnesota, so I pm’d him and found out he was 40 minutes away from her. About 2 days later, I saw a post that he was going to be speaking at a church just 20 minutes from this woman’s house in about a week. The Lord made a way for her to get there with her husband, and they were both touched by the Lord through Brad’s ministry, and personally receiving prayer. She is experiencing freedom as a result, and is full of joy. Amazing how the Lord brought this situation together, and brought Brad at the perfect time, right to her neighborhood! Robin and Larry P

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